The Morning Journal: State Rep. Miller announces Oberlin organization grant

“State Rep. Joe Miller, an Amherst Democrat, congratulates the Oberlin Heritage Center on its recent receipt of more than $2,000 in grants from the Ohio History Connection.

According to a news release from Miller’s office, these dollars will be used to gather data for a project focused on identifying the best practices for self-guided tours of museums in historic homes.

The award was announced Feb. 27 as part of the Ohio History Connection’s annual Statehood Day event in Columbus, the release said.

‘I am extremely proud of the hard work done by the Oberlin Heritage Center to secure this competitive state grant,” Miller said. “Their project will help historical sites create accessible and enriching experiences — not only in our region, but across Ohio.’”

Zach Stepp
Statement from State Representative Joe Miller on Lorain City Schools

Amherst, OH – Today, Rep. Joe Miller released the following statement regarding the developments with the Lorain City Schools Academic Distress Commission:

“Over the past 18 months, the Lorain City Schools district has become a poster child for the unintended consequences of misguided legislation, in this case, HB-70. This bill has led to the appointment of a rogue CEO, who has shown that he has no interest in winning over the trust of the community he is paid to serve. To put it plainly, his attitude toward the community and educators is wholly disqualifying.

One week ago, I signed onto a petition from Lorain City Schools Board President, Mark Ballard’s letter calling for the appointment of Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer to the Academic Distress Commission. I have encouraged frustrated residents to sign on as well because I know that Chase will bring to the decision-making table a voice that is experienced, trusted and local.

As of last night, over 600 residents of Lorain County have signed onto this letter, and the number continues to rise.

As an educator, I have experienced the struggles of teaching in under-resourced classrooms where students arrive with issues and problems that deter them from engaging in the learning process. And I also know that the approach the CEO is taking towards teachers and students in Lorain is having an adverse effect on improving morale, test scores and does little to address the root causes of why Lorain is struggling in the first place.”


Zach Stepp
The Morning Journal: Miller, Ballard call for mayor to be on Lorain Academic Distress Commission

“Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer should become the next member of the Lorain Academic Distress Commission that oversees the city schools, said state Rep. Joe Miller.

On Feb. 20, Miller asked his supporters to sign a petition supporting Ritenauer as the candidate to replace Academic Distress Commission Chairman Tony Richardson, who announced in January he was stepping down.

Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria will appoint the next Academic Distress Commission member.

Joe Miller

Miller, a former Amherst councilman who taught government at Firelands High School, ripped House Bill 70, the legislation that created the governance process for Lorain City Schools to emerge from the state’s rating of ‘academic distress.’”

Zach Stepp
The Morning Journal: Lorain County state lawmakers plan for change in 2019

“Along with preparing for Columbus, Miller discussed issues including the need for more Local Government Funding for communities; representative districts instead of gerrymandered ones; improving conditions for small businesses; balanced, bipartisan policies; the need to retool Lorain County with energy and healthcare jobs.

Lorain County has a lake port, rail back and forth, the Ohio Turnpike, Interstate 90 and Ohio Route 2, Miller said. He suggested using steel made in Lorain to upgrade state and local infrastructure -- a move that would create jobs and improve the economy if Ohio lawmakers will invest.

‘There’s a lot of great things that can happen in our area,’ Miller said. ‘We’re ready for a revitalization and it’s up to the people and the leadership at the local and state to help make that happen.’”

Zach Stepp
The Chronicle: Amherst councilman Joe Miller elected to Ohio House

“Miller defeated Republican Ron Weber by a vote of 24,780, or 63 percent, to 14,781, or 37 percent. Miller will replace Democrat Dan Ramos, who was term limited.

‘I appreciate the fact that I had a lot of family, a lot of friends come out and realize that I would go out and work and represent them well,’ he said.”

Zach Stepp