The Morning Journal: Lorain County state lawmakers plan for change in 2019

“Along with preparing for Columbus, Miller discussed issues including the need for more Local Government Funding for communities; representative districts instead of gerrymandered ones; improving conditions for small businesses; balanced, bipartisan policies; the need to retool Lorain County with energy and healthcare jobs.

Lorain County has a lake port, rail back and forth, the Ohio Turnpike, Interstate 90 and Ohio Route 2, Miller said. He suggested using steel made in Lorain to upgrade state and local infrastructure -- a move that would create jobs and improve the economy if Ohio lawmakers will invest.

‘There’s a lot of great things that can happen in our area,’ Miller said. ‘We’re ready for a revitalization and it’s up to the people and the leadership at the local and state to help make that happen.’”

Zach Stepp