On the issues


"I come from a working class family that taught me the meaning of hard work and service to others. I care about what you have to say. I’ve been listening and I know that we need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, the opioid addiction in particular, a top priority. As a family man, teacher and former city councilman, I bring the experiences of caring for my family, working in the public education system, and serving my church and community with me to Columbus as I serve Lorain County.” - Joe


My dad use to say, give a person a job and it solves most problems or as President Clinton stated, “it's the economy, stupid.” Either way you slice it, a middle class income will drive the economy. For too long, Lorain County has seen a flight of manufacturing jobs that once defined our region. It is time to focus on the jobs of the future that take advantage of our major resources such as the lake shore, extensive highway and rail system and an educated workforce to harness the jobs of tomorrow. Both ownership and labor have a stake in the outcome and should both have a say in the terms of their employment. Jobs are created by entrepreneurs meeting demand but a well trained and compensated labor force is required for both sides to find success. I will support legislation that grows a vibrant middle class while rewarding all stakeholders who invest in Lorain County.


Our state once led the nation in quality of education. Since 2010 educators and students have been under attack by legislation coming out of Columbus and causing a race to the bottom for public and private education. Education empowers the masses and our children do not deserve to have their education politicized or profiteered by the lobbyists in Columbus. I will support legislation that empowers public schools to prepare our children to be 21st century learners by fostering their intellectual, athletic and social growth as they mature into engaged, employed and successful citizens. 


Our citizens are one illness away from bankruptcy and financial ruin. Our current healthcare system allows for massive profits to be made off of our citizens' health and well being. We currently have an opioid addiction and overdose crisis killing 11 people a day in Ohio. This is unacceptable and I will fight to allow affordable access to quality healthcare here in Ohio by investing in preventative measures and holding those illegally dispensing pain killers accountable. 


Whether you believe in global warming or not, our district abuts one of the most important resources we humans need in clean water. We need to hold accountable those businesses and individuals who would chase profits rather than protect our lakes, rivers and streams. A healthy community is one that enjoys clean land, water and air. I will support legislation that prevents the destruction of our lakefront, parks and wetlands. 


If we are to truly live by the American democratic ideals of our founders, all Americans should be treated fairly and equally under the law. An opportunity to have access to the American dream should be provided to all citizens regardless of gender, color or creed.


Neighborhoods thrive when small business thrives, together we will put in place legislation that protects businesses from having to compete on the same stage as large corporations. Tax policy and regulations that support small business growth while imploring corporations to take a stake in the communities they serve are just the start to a return to a thriving economy in our district. Businesses will flourish when they partner with institutions of higher learning by promoting job creation through education allowing for economic mobility of our citizens.