Meet Joe

He Listens, He Cares, YOU Matter

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With the support of his family, friends and community members, Representative Miller is committed to representing ALL residents of Ohio District 56.  Joe plans to take concerns to the state house where he will focus on improving access to better jobs, opportunities and education here in Lorain County.

When asked why he is willing to run for higher office, Joe responded, “Inevitably, it is the same reason I decided to enter local politics. I cared about issues that were affecting my neighbors and believe people should be the agent of change in which they seek. In addition, the policies coming out of Columbus have put a burden on many families, schools and local communities and it is time to bring truth to power and work toward some relief for the many not just the few. I have been approached by constituents who believe I am experienced, ready and the right person to take on that role. Their request has been accepted and I will not let them down.”

Joe's desire is to bring quality education, jobs for hard working Americans, support for law enforcement, opportunities for green energy and a solution to our opioid addiction to the forefront. He believes there are workable solutions available that will enhance the 56th District achievements without creating hardships for taxpayers. One goal he would like to see is for Ohio schools to return to preparing students for success in a new technology based economy instead of on mandated state tests.

Joe Miller and his wife Kelly have been married for 15 years and reside in Amherst with their two sons, Joseph and Jordan. Joe was a social studies teacher at Firelands High School and has been an adjunct instructor with Lorain County Community College. In addition, Joe served his local community as an At Large Councilman for 6 years.